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Hi 420 friends!

This is Jean Hanamoto, a marijuana artist and designer in Mendocino County, CA. I've been making Cannabis art for 20 years and I've tried to use my creations to say cannabis is a good and useful herb - beautiful, too. I tried to sell my art by myself for years, but I'm not a business person.
I've started to rely on a number of sites to do the hard work. Tiny profits, but it's out there being seen and appreciated.
I can be an artist and designer again!

You can buy my fabric, as well as wrapping paper, and even wallpaper, at
They have 100+ examples of my marijuana fabric designs,
most not shown on this site.

I also have way too much stuff available on CafePress at
Mugs, tee shirts, phone/computer covers, jewelry, framed designs, tiles, clocks, pillows and
gazillions more.

Thank you for your support!